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Industry: healthcare, veterinary services

Team composition: 1 business analyst, 1 product owner, 1 designer, 4 developers, and 3 quality assurance engineers

Time spent: 8 months

Technologies: Azure cloud services, Azure DevOps, .Net Core, Angular 10, Micro UI, SQL Server, Microservice Architecture

Let’s imagine your product is an ERP solution that has its customers. However, over time, more and more contemporary rivals leveraging the latest cloud technologies and providing more flexibility have started poaching your customer base. Once your solution was modern and built with the latest technology of those days, but now it has become fragile, error-prone, and inflexible. During one of the strategic planning meetings, you realize that you need to do something about it, or you won’t stay in the business for long. That was the starting point for our customers, and they decided that they had no way back but to modernize their ERP product.

In search of a trustworthy custom software development service company, the company eventually reached out to Glexen.

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First of all, our experts dedicated time and effort to define the main needs and pain points of the customer, and gathered the required technical requirements. There was a severe need for application modernization, as the old system implemented as a big monolithic solution wasn’t able to scale well. Additionally, most of the code base and responsibilities were tangled with each other, which posed a huge blocker to flexibility and customer-based customization. The monolithic architecture, along with the on-premises environment, didn’t align with modern standards and made scalability, availability, durability, and resilience nearly impossible.

Based on the gathered information, our team, including a business analyst and solution architect, suggested that in order to fulfill all the requirements and address all the needs, the solution should be decoupled, restructured, and gradually migrated to the cloud by leveraging the latest technologies. To provide a flexible user experience with the ultimate level of customization, the adoption of the micro UI design pattern was recommended. Scalability and availability were planned to be handled by adopting the microservices pattern. The Azure cloud was chosen as the cloud provider due to the client’s excellent experience with Microsoft products. The client was focused on quality and eager to utilize the best industry standards. Furthermore, our experts had hands-on experience with this cloud provider, solidifying the decision. The following diagram represents the chosen main architectural direction of the microservices approach.

Optimal technologies and development processes tailored for each client. – Glexen Solutions

Tfter the discovery phase, the Glexen team and the client transitioned into the design phase. Our designer embarked on creating wireframes and mockups of the applications. These visual representations underwent a thorough review and received approval from the product owner. You can have a look at one of the designs below.

With sufficient information and decisions made, a cloud strategy was prepared. Once the design reached its final iteration and the cloud strategy was validated, the Glexen development team initiated the migration phase from the ground up using SDLC. The team adhered to best practices in code writing, conducting extensive reviews, testing, and promptly addressing any bugs or glitches that arose during the process. The product owner regularly reviewed the progress through demos and provided feedback to the development team. It was an exciting journey during which Glexen gained even more of the client’s trust.

The thoroughly prepared cloud strategy helped Glexen successfully meet defined deadlines, fulfill requirements, and mitigate major development and production issues. The meticulous preparation also contributed to a high client satisfaction rate, as the entire process ran smoothly.

The client expressed great satisfaction with the results delivered by Glexen, recognizing its potential for further business development that would have a positive impact on other aspects of their business, including marketing and sales.

The decision to modernize the application was undoubtedly crucial for our client. After the successful completion of the cloud migration with the assistance of Glexen, the client launched several successful marketing campaigns, targeting new users, and re-engaging existing ones. The combination of a modern system, customized user experience, and high speed provided the client with a significant advantage over their competitors. As a result, they experienced a 13% increase in their customer base.

Moreover, the cloud infrastructure, based on operational expenditure costs, contributed to a 7% reduction in the overall system infrastructure costs. This outcome created a win-win situation for the client, as they achieved both business growth and cost savings.

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Estonia Jõe 3, 10151 Tallinn
Spain, Valencia
Ukraine, Yaremche

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