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Glexen | Deep Learning-powered Carpentry e-Learning Video Portal

The Carpentry e-Learning Video Portal is an online platform that provides professional educational videos for specialists, along with assembly tutorials for end users.

Industry: e-learning, woodworking, furniture

Team composition: 1 business analyst, 1 designer, 3 developers and 1 quality assurance engineer

Time spent: 7 months

Technologies: ASP.Net Core, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, Azure, Cognitive Service from Azure, Microsoft Azure Video Player

Picture yourself as a global company specializing in engineering, production, and sales of woodwork, carpentry, and joinery constructions. The company offers disassembled or partially assembled products, requiring assembly by either staff or end users. Certain product components need to be manually assembled at designated points in storage and assembly areas, while others are meant to be assembled by end users after delivery. Operating worldwide with an engineering department based in one country, the company faces operational challenges due to language differences and varying levels of assembly experience among its staff. This captivating scenario served as the starting point for one of our remarkable clients!

The company’s management has made the decision to embark on a digital transformation journey with the aim of achieving cost reduction, enhancing assembly and delivery speed, and improving user engagement. To accomplish these goals, they will utilize the latest available technologies along with robotic process automation (RPA).

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Glexen took a proactive approach by initiating a discovery phase. This phase involved gathering and formalizing the client’s crucial pain points. Following extensive discussions and careful considerations, together with the client, we arrived at an optimal solution: the creation of a cutting-edge e-Learning video portal. The portal would serve as a comprehensive platform, delivering educational, learning, and how-to videos to both the staff and end users. To ensure seamless integration with the company’s operations, the engineering department oversaw the governance of the portal.

To heighten engagement and maximize accessibility, it was decided to use AI technologies. Specifically, we planned to implement advanced voice recognition leveraging Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models. This strategic implementation of AI would enable us to seamlessly transform speech-to-text and speech-to-speech, providing the ability to effortlessly translate content into various languages and different formats. Based on the AI-produced data, documentation generation was planned to increase operational speed and efficiency. Based on the gathered requirements and defined goals, the high-level architecture was defined.

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The development process started with the analysis phase, which included the business analyst working with the client and the rest of the team to gather functional and non-functional requirements. As a result of the analysis phase, a client-oriented project plan was created.

Based on the outcomes of the analysis phase, the design phase was launched next. During this phase, the tech lead identified the optimal architecture with the technology stack, and the designer created optimal UI/UX for the project based on industry standards aligned with the client’s vision.

The development process was set up based on leveraging the practice of continuous integration and an agile project management approach, particularly Scrum. The team had one-week sprints with regular demo meetings, enabling the opportunity to evaluate ongoing results and adjust requirements based on the client’s feedback. The team also focused on making the portal as user-friendly as possible, including detailed documentation and tutorials to help users get started quickly.

User testing was another crucial part of the development process. The team conducted regular user testing sessions, gathering feedback on the functionality and usability. They also worked closely with the client to ensure that the portal met specific needs and requirements, validating outcomes and accommodating change requests based on the feedback.

The implementation of the Deep Learning-powered Carpentry e-Learning Video Portal proved to be a highly effective solution for our client, yielding numerous advantages in both internal operations and customer engagement. This portal facilitated a notable increase in the efficiency of storage and assembly processes, resulting in accelerated performance among the staff. By providing comprehensive closed caption (CC) video instructions in multiple languages, along with automatically generated printable web pages, the portal enabled swift access to assembly information, contributing to enhanced internal operational speed.

Furthermore, the portal catered to our client’s customers by offering tailored subtitled video instructions available in various languages. This personalized approach not only facilitated seamless assembly processes but also, based on conducted surveys’ data and internal metrics, elevated user interaction and satisfaction by 25% and 40% respectively. The availability of quick-to-use video instructions in multiple languages encouraged users to visit the portal, thereby enabling our client to gather valuable information about their end users.

By embracing this forward-thinking approach, Glexen not only helped the client revolutionize the way knowledge is shared and accessed within the organization but also fostered a culture of continuous learning, growth, and engagement among both the internal workforce and external users.

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Estonia Jõe 3, 10151 Tallinn
Spain, Valencia
Ukraine, Yaremche

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