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Glexen Solutions is a Ukrainian-rooted company. We have a global team of dedicated .net developers with extensive experience creating incredible web solutions. All of our technical leadership and key developers are cloud-certified in AWS, Azure and GCP. Our diverse industry and technology experience enables us to offer you competitive advantages. Our main goal is to be your reliable business partner and provide the best quality software solutions for your business.

Glexen | Hire .NET Developers and Programmers

.NET Developers for Hire

It's not a shame if you know less than your iPhone. Put your effort into what you really love. For the rest, ask Glexen

.Net developers for all stages of software development.

That includes full-stack development from the backend to the front end. The entire process starts with the discovery phase, in which we define the goals and requirements, study the problem and offer a solution. 

.Net developers for all stages of software development.


UI design and UX experience.


We put the software architecture in place.


Continuous cycles of integration, deployment and software development.


Quality assurance and quality control.


After all that is done, we continue to provide support to ensure that software meets customers' needs and stays up to date over time.

Why Choose Glexen?

We are extremely dedicated to treating every project as our own and seeing it through to completion on time. We are a reliable partner and will achieve great results for you.

How Does Hiring .NET Developers Work?

The application to hire programmers on the web is easy. 

Contact Us

Contact us with your business ideas or problems and tell us about yourself. 

Ask Questions

We answer all your questions and come to terms.

Analysis and Offer

We analyze your ideas or problems and suggest software solutions. 

Ready Solutions

Our team of developers implements solutions for you, and we provide support afterward, too.


Finally, your business ideas are implemented, and your business problems are solved. 

Glexen | Hire .NET Developers and Programmers
Glexen | Hire .NET Developers and Programmers

Benefits of Hiring .NET Developers




We have strong multicultural experience collaborating on successful projects. We integrate with and augment your in-house team with our expertise.

We integrate technologies. We already use AI and ML tools like GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT for day-to-day development activities. 

In fact, we have a 5-year experience in AI and ML development. AI and ML can significantly increase accuracy and reduce errors. We were among the first developers to build successful integrations for Microsoft teams, adobe xd, and Google Workspace to work together.

We can digitize everything
you can imagine:


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Estonia Jõe 3, 10151 Tallinn

Spain, Valencia

Ukraine, Yaremche

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    What Do .NET Developers Do?

    They are IT professionals, specifically computer programmers, who build software applications using the technology and languages of Microsoft’s .NET framework. Computer programmers count starting from zero and turn coffee into code. It is easy to have an idea for a piece of software and difficult to deal with the complexities of creating it. That is what software developers do. For example, you could hire a .net developer to write an application from scratch. They make video games out of cheat codes. Cheat codes originally appear in games because they make rigorous play testing and quality control easier. It also makes video games more fun for players, more profitable and your life easier too.

    What is .NET Development?

    .NET is Microsoft’s idea of an open-source software cross-platform development framework. Various programming languages are supported, including C#, F#, Visual Basic. Note that C# is like the classic rock of programming languages.

    It can be used to create any software you can think of. Because .NET is a framework that uses standardized code, that software can also be made to work pretty much everywhere you need it to. You can also use .NET to integrate existing cloud services or deploy your own.

    Where can I find .NET developers?

    Look no further! You have already found net programmers for hire here. If you need a developer, you should know that we work worldwide. 

    How do I hire a .NET developer?

    • Have an idea of what you need to have done, a problem you need done or maybe an idea for a piece of software. It helps to have clear goals.
    • It helps to have a budget and an idea of your desired timeline.
    • If you follow our tips this way when you contact us to discuss things, you can provide that information, and we will give you a quote.
    • After we come to terms, we’ll do the development work or implement the solution we have come up with.
    • Finally, your problems are solved, and we will continue to provide you with support.